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Whatman™ 77015500
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Whatman™ Uniplate™ 48-well Collection and Analysis Microplates, 5 ml

48-well Collection and Analysis Microplates, 5 ml, Clear, Polystyrene, Flat Well Bottom, Rectangular Well, For Collection and Analysis Microplates Conforms to ANSI/SBS Microplate Standard

  • Manufacturer Part #: 77015500
  • SECO Part #: GEH-77015500
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Whatman offers a wide range of UNIPLATE microplates including various well profiles, well volumes, and well densities, in diverse polymer materials. Most UNIPLATE microplates conform to the ANSI/SBS microplate standard and fit most microplate readers and automated plate handling devices. Whatman UNIPLATE microplates are suitable for a wide range of applications, including simple filtrate collection, when used in conjunction with our UNIFILTER microplates, as well as homogeneous assay techniques utilized in high-throughput screening (HTS).

Color      :      Natural
Irradiated With Lid      :      No
Material      :      Natural Polypropylene
Well Bottom      :      Flat
Well Format      :      48 Well
Well Volume      :      5 ml
  • Widest selection from a single source choice of well volumes ranging from 80 ┬Ál to 10 ml, well densities from 24 to 384 wells with round or 'V' bottom for maximum recovery
  • Chemical compatibility: Available in chemically resistant polymers capable of withstanding low temperatures for long-term storage. Opaque plates prevent optical cross talk in light emitting assays
  • Conforms to ANSI/SBS microplate standards
  • Guaranteed for use with robotic handlers and centrifuge carriers