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Bel-Art Mercury Collector, 4.8 OD x 10.5 cm H

Mercury Collector 125 ml, 10.5 H x 4.8 cm OD

  • Manufacturer Part #: F36250-0000
  • SECO Part #: 19-2130-01
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To collect spilled mercury quickly, just unscrew the lid with the foam pad, and press pad firmly onto the spill. This pressure forces the mercury into the pad. When the lid is screwed back onto the jar, the pad is compressed against the jar's freestanding perforated plate, releasing the mercury into the jar bottom.

Capacity      :      125 ml
Dimension      :      10.5 H x 4.8 cm OD
  • Container holds 125 ml of mercury
  • Use recommended disposal method
  • Replacement pads should be affixed with rubber cement