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BBL™ Gram Slide for Evaluating Gram Stain Reagents and Staining Techniques

Gram Slide, 730 Days Shelf Life, for evaluating Gram Stain Reagents and Staining Techniques

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  • SECO Part #: 231401
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BD BBL™ Gram slides and BD BBL™ AFB quality control (QC) slides eliminate the need for laboratory staff to maintain stock QC cultures and prepare QC slides. In addition, these slides help standardize lab procedures.

Shelf Life      :      730 Days
  • These slides help evaluate and control the quality of Gram stain reagents and techniques
  • They are conventional 1 x 3" microscope slides imprinted with 10 squares
  • One square contains the control organisms Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli
  • The nine squares are available for staining test isolates