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Polystyrene Fully Stackable Sterile Petri Dish, Clear, 100 x 15 mm

Petri Dish, 100 x 15 mm, Clear, Polystyrene, Fully stackable, Ventilation Ribs, Undivided, Sterile (Radiation sterilization)

  • Manufacturer Part #: 2900
  • SECO Part #: 12-2066-14
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These disposable polystyrene petri dishes are optically clear, radiation sterilized, stackable and recommended for standard microbiology or general laboratory use. The stackable lid design ensures stack stability and clear top and bottom viewing surfaces. Petri Dishes are sterile if sleeves are unopened. Ventilation ribs reduce condensation and allow air circulation. Consistent flatness allows for even media distribution. Flared lid skirt and squared corners allow for easy one-hand operation, especially with gloves. Product is Traceable by lot and SKU number. Certificates of Compliance are available upon request.

Color      :      Clear
Diameter      :      100 mm
Dimension      :      100 x 15 mm
Height      :      15 mm
Material      :      Polystyrene
Sterility      :      Yes
Type      :      Ventilation Ribs, Undivided
  • Made of optically clear polystyrene
  • Ventilation Ribs
  • Undivided
  • Full Stackable
  • Sterile (Radiation sterilization)